KOA Speer

  • RESISTORS: SMT, Current Sensing, Shunt, Resistor Arrays and Integrated Networks, Leaded and Melf type
  • EMI/EMC: SMT Ferrite Beads, Fuses and Varistors; LTCC Modules/Substrates; SENSORS: SMT Thermal Sensors
  • INDUCTORS: Power and SMT; CAPACITORS: Ceramic Chip


  • KANG YANG ELECTRONIC HARDWARE: PCB Standoffs, LED Light Pipes, RVI Fan & Plastic Rivets, Rubber Feet.
  • CABLE ROUTING & MANAGEMENT: Snap-in & Adhesive Wire Clips, Clamps, Braided Sleeving & Heat Shrink Tubing.
  • PCB & ENCLOSURE ACCESSORIES: PSU Handles, Vibration Mounts, Grommets, Bushings, Card Guides, & Ejectors.
  • HFC THERMAL/SHIELDING: Thermal interface solutions, EMI gaskets, Fabric over Foam, Z-Axis Conductive Foam


  • CONNECTORS: STD & Shrouded Headers, Board-to-Board, Wire-to-Board, Plug & Socket
  • DATAMATE - GECKO: High Reliability 2.00mm & 1.25mm, Mixed Signal up to 40A, Cable Assemblies
  • EZ-BoardWare: RFI Shields Cans/Clips, Spring Contacts, Battery Holders, Terminals and Test Points


  • PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD: Fabrication, Layout Services, & Signal Integrity Testing

World Products, Inc.

  • NEXEM RELAYS: NEC-Tokin Miniature Signal Relays, WPI Industrial relays
  • SURGE PROTECTION: WPI MOVs, Thermal Varistors, Gas Tubes. TVS Diodes, Thyristors
  • PILKOR: X2, Y2, X1 caps, WPI Film Caps EBUSBAR: HV Relays, Connectors, Busbars, MSD
  • WIRELESS ANTENNAS: AMR, GPS, GSM - Custom & Standard; Mesh Networking