HFC Shielding

  • HFC THERMAL/SHIELDING: Thermal interface solutions, EMI gaskets, Fabric over Foam, Z-Axis Conductive Foam


  • DC FANS & BLOWERS: Axial - 25 to 280mm; DC Blowers - 51 to 125mm, Custom Fan Trays
  • AC FANS & IMPELLERS: Axial - 60 to 398mm; AC Motorized Impellers up to 400mm diameter with built-in Inlet Ring
  • LPH SERIES: Low Power Consumption AC Axial fans with DC features - 70% power consumption reduction


  • THERMAL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS: Heat Sink Extrusions - Board Level & BGA, LED, Folded/Bonded/Stacked Fin, Fan Sinks, TIM
  • LIQUID COOLING: Liquid Cold Plates, Heat Pipes, Heat Exchangers, CUSTOM Cooling Plate Design!
  • SYSTEM EXTRUSIONS: Wedgelocks, SCR Clamps, Extruded Enclosures