3Y Power

  • AC/DC POWER SUPPLIES: 150W to 2000W
  • N+1 Redundant, Hot Swap, 1U, ATX, PS2, Mini-Redundant, DC Front End
  • 80 Plus PLATINUM High Efficiency Ratings

Altran Magnetics

  • EMI/RFI FILTERS: AC & DC, 3-PHASE, MEDICAL - Low Leakage Current
  • POWER ENTRY MODULES: IEC inlet with Filter and Fuse options 
  • TC ELECTRIC CONTROLS: IEC Contactors and Overloads, Motor Starters and Control Switches


  • RF INTERCONNECT PRODUCTS: RF Connectors, Cable Assemblies, Adapters
  • RF CONNECTORS: 1.0/2.3, SMA, SMB, SMP, SMPM, TNC, Type N, AMC (U.FI equivalent), MCX, MCX, MMCX, BNC, HD BNC, Mini BNC FAKRA, SMB, SSMB, Mini 75 Ohm SMB, QMA, Type F, Type G, Adapters

utec Power Systems

  • LED DRIVERS: 10W - 1220W, AC/DC & DC/DC, CC & CV Models, Programmable Output Current, Indoor & Outdoor
  • DESKTOP & WALLMOUNT SUPPLIES:  5 - 500W, USB-C Output Connectors, Medical Versions Available


  • TFT LCD DISPLAYS: 1.77" to 15.4" - CORE PRODUCT- 4.3", 5.0", & 7.0" Integrated Display Systems w/ Touch/NITs/I/O & Controller options
  • CHARACTER AND GRAPHIC DISPLAYS: Monochrome, Custom Glass, Multiple Color Options
  • VALUE-ADD: Touchscreen, Embedded Controller Dev Board, Optical Bonding, Hi-Brite Sunlight Readable


  • WIRE AND CABLE: Industrial Networking and Cabling - Ethernet, Electronic, Hi Flex, Control & Power - VFD AC Drive, Halogen-Free
  • "BONDED PAIR" ETHERNET: Twisted Pair with High Impedance and Up to 35% Lower Return Loss
  • "SPACEMAKER" ELECTRONIC CABLE: Reduce Cable Bundles by 40% - 52% Thinner / 74% Tighter Bend Radius


  • AC/DC POWER SUPPLIES: 40W to 1200W Configurable Power Solutions - Commercial, Indsutrial & Medical - Class 2 & BF Approvals
  • OPEN FRAME / DESKTOP: 40W to 550W including industry leading 2X3@120w, 2x4@225W up to 550W in a 3X5 footprint


  • CIRCUIT PROTECTION DEVICES: Thermal, Magnetic & Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers
  • CIRCUIT BREAKER POWER INLETS: Integrated Breaker Solutions
  • POWER DISTRIBUTION UNITS: "SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS" - Configurable, Rack Mount, Standard & Custom

HFC Shielding

  • HFC THERMAL/SHIELDING: Thermal interface solutions, EMI gaskets, Fabric over Foam, Z-Axis Conductive Foam


  • BGA FORM FACTOR SSDs: PATA NANDrive, eMMC NANDrive, SATA NANDrive (512MB to 256GB)
  • REMOVABLE SSDs: mSATA ArmourDrive, G-CARD: PCIe NVMe Flash Storage Cards (up to 2.75TB)
  • SPECIALITY FLASH MEMORY (NOR): SSF-Small Sector Flash; CSF-Concurrent SuperFlash, MTP-Many-Time Programmable


  • CONNECTORS: STD & Shrouded Headers, Board-to-Board, Wire-to-Board, Plug & Socket
  • DATAMATE - GECKO: High Reliability 2.00mm & 1.25mm, Mixed Signal up to 40A, Cable Assemblies
  • EZ-BoardWare: RFI Shields Cans/Clips, Spring Contacts, Battery Holders, Terminals and Test Points


  • KANG YANG ELECTRONIC HARDWARE: PCB Standoffs, LED Light Pipes, RVI Fan & Plastic Rivets, Rubber Feet.
  • CABLE ROUTING & MANAGEMENT: Snap-in & Adhesive Wire Clips, Clamps, Braided Sleeving & Heat Shrink Tubing.
  • PCB & ENCLOSURE ACCESSORIES: PSU Handles, Vibration Mounts, Grommets, Bushings, Card Guides, & Ejectors.
  • HFC THERMAL/SHIELDING: Thermal interface solutions, EMI gaskets, Fabric over Foam, Z-Axis Conductive Foam

KOA Speer

  • RESISTORS: SMT, Current Sensing, Shunt, Resistor Arrays and Integrated Networks, Leaded and Melf type
  • EMI/EMC: SMT Ferrite Beads, Fuses and Varistors; LTCC Modules/Substrates; SENSORS: SMT Thermal Sensors
  • INDUCTORS: Power and SMT; CAPACITORS: Ceramic Chip


  • DC FANS & BLOWERS: Axial - 25 to 280mm; DC Blowers - 51 to 125mm, Custom Fan Trays
  • AC FANS & IMPELLERS: Axial - 60 to 398mm; AC Motorized Impellers up to 400mm diameter with built-in Inlet Ring
  • LPH SERIES: Low Power Consumption AC Axial fans with DC features - 70% power consumption reduction


  • PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD: Fabrication, Layout Services, & Signal Integrity Testing
  • CONNECTORS: SFP, QSFP Connector Cages; Hi-Speed, SATA, USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1; Medical PUSH-PULL
  • MAGNETICS: SMT Composite Inductors, Toroids, Transformers, LAN


  • CIRCULAR CONNECTORS: Harsh Environment MIL-38999, Aerospace, Mrine
  • PUSH-PULL CONNECTORS: Mil-Aero / Marine / Industrial / Medical / Commercial solutions
  • BACKSHELLS, CONDUIT & ACCESSORIES: Unsurpassed Physical Protection and EMI Shielding


  • VOX MODULAR: 600W in 3" x 5" - 4 slots, 1200W in 6" x 6" - 8 slots, Medical Versions
  • CONDUCTION COOLED MODULAR: 600W FANLESS Conduction Cooled, Medical Versions - 4 x 7" - 4 slots

World Products, Inc.

  • NEXEM RELAYS: NEC-Tokin Miniature Signal Relays, WPI Industrial relays
  • SURGE PROTECTION: WPI MOVs, Thermal Varistors, Gas Tubes. TVS Diodes, Thyristors
  • PILKOR: X2, Y2, X1 caps, WPI Film Caps EBUSBAR: HV Relays, Connectors, Busbars, MSD
  • WIRELESS ANTENNAS: AMR, GPS, GSM - Custom & Standard; Mesh Networking


  • WIRELESS ANTENNAS: AMI / AMR / Smart Grid: Flex Wrap-Around, Dipole
  • ACCESS POINTS / MIMO: Access Point, Terminal & Repeater applications
  • 4G / 3G Cellular, HEPTA-BAND Embedded
  • GPS: Active and PassiveWiFi / WLAN / Bluetooth / WiMax / UWB
  • CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICES: Onsite Antenna lab with 3D Satima Test Chamber